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This new lens is specially design for myopics, focusing on aesthetic of the lens to make it thin, flat, ligthweight and optically optimized.

Nikon 100th Anniversary

Nikon Corporation has been celebrating its 100th birthday.

Night Drive Boost

Perfect vision is essential while driving, that’s why Nikon has developped Night Drive Boost, a special aestethic and transparent coating to reduce glare caused by headlights from other vehicules and brigth lights at night to allow you to fully enjoy driving at night.

I see the best protection with SeeCoat Plus UV

The new coating SeeCoat Plus UV remains the best protection for a clear vision and a perfect protection.

Nikon canadian visionary

For more than twenty-five years, Elizabeth-Ann Doyle worked in cultural institutions such as Place des Arts, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Cirque du Soleil. These experiences forged in her a passion for the arts and the celebration of beauty.

Discover SeeCoat Blue UV video

SeeCoat Blue UV revolutionary coating is available! Discover now the details and effects of this technological expertise, in one short video.

Our polarizing lenses become PolaShade

Available from January 2014, our sun lenses reduce glare, provide a perfect vision of relief and give a perfectly contrasted vision.